OKARA - The Education Department has grabbed the hockey ground of a school for the construction of Teachers Training Centre (TTC).

The Punjab govt has established a new setup for the teachers’ training. The teachers training in the district started in mid 80s and it was conducted in different schools at tehsil level. But now a new system has been established for their training. The hockey ground of Govt Islamia High School (Girls) was elevated as sport stadium and so far during the last 13 years Pakistan and Punjab board separately had spent Rs7.5 million.

Now District Education Authority CEO Naheed Wasif selected the school ground for the construction of TTC and for the proposed construction almost half of the hockey ground has been designed for TTC.

After a protest, she met with hockey players’ leaders Naeem Shaukat and MC Councillor Advocate Nafees Shami. She said that they were intervening in the govt project unjustifiably. The protesters representatives told her that the education authority had big piece of land in different govt high schools in the city. They threatened to continue their protest against the plan to destroy the playground and would also knock the door of court.



The kite-flyers would not be allowed to play with the precious lives of people, said DPO Hassan Asad Alvi.

Talking to media, he said that kite flying was not a hobby rather it was a dangerous game which threatened others’ lives. He said that string tied to a stray kite could injure or even murder a person but the ‘murderers’ remained scot-free. He said that kite flying was totally banned as per section 144 enforced by the Punjab government. He appealed to Ulema to create awareness among the masses regarding risks and dangers of kite flying. He also sought cooperation of people belonging to all walks of life against kite flying to ensure protection to the lives of people. The DPO directed all the SDPOs and SHOs to continue crackdown on kite flyers.