LAHORE - It looks like that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) new administration is struggling to keep the momentum of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in season four as it has been failing to deal with the commonest of the issues which should have been never arisen if a little professional has been shown.

The rise of the recent most captaincy issue in the Pakistan’s national team has also shown that how short-sided and less competitive the PCB under Ehsan Mani, who has big shoes to fill after successful tenure led by enthusiasm of Najam Sethi and calmness Shaharyar Khan.

It also shows that there is also power struggle among the PCB ranks as uncertainty prevails in almost all departments and there are clear rumours and evidence that the centre of authority lies with someone who is not the face of the PCB.

The other glitches, the PCB has recently faced, that it has first lost the ownership of PSL’s franchise Multan Sultan, who later was bought again by Ali Tareen, and now the franchises are not submitting the bank-guarantee money to the board while the cheque of a franchise was also bounced. The cricket board needs competent and professional officials to tackle such issues, or otherwise, it has to suffer more such shocks.

According to PCB, American singer Pitbull is not performing at the PSL opening ceremony following a technical issue to his airplane which was scheduled to transport him into Dubai. But if the PCB really wants him to perform at the PSL-4 opening ceremony, it should arrange his arrival one-day before at Dubai to avoid such a shock.

The PCB, along with Pitbull’s management, explored all possible alternate options to transport the team from the stranded airport in Dominica. Unfortunately, the sheer length of the travel required to Dubai did not permit on time arrival for the performance.

Pitbull, in a video message to all his fans in Pakistan and UAE, offered his regrets and said he was looking forward to performing in Dubai. Pitbull further thanked the Pakistan fans and assured them that they will see him soon. “Obviously, we are sad that Pitbull will not be performing tonight due to no fault of his own. We spoke with him a few times yesterday, and he was devastated as he was looking forward to performing at the opening ceremony,” said the PCB.

“The PSL opening ceremony will proceed as planned as it also includes a wide array of top artists. A colorful futuristic extravaganza for Thursday evening has been planned, which will be one of the highlights of the event. The PCB believes the cricket fans will enjoy the evening and play their part in making the event a success,” the PCB added.