GHALANAI          -      The district administration with the help of Forest Department has launched the clean and green Pakistan

campaign to free tribal district

Mohmand and its suburbs from rubbish and pollution.In this connection, a function was held here at the Deputy Commissioner

Office Ghalanai here on Friday where Deputy Commissioner

Iftikhar Alam along with Additional

Deputy Commissioner Saiful Islam and other officials planted various plants. Speaking on the occasion, Deputy

Commissioner Iftikhar Alam said the district administration asked the Forest Department and local tribesmen to plant more plants in the area. He urged the local elders and students to grow more and more plants because plants play key role in the eradication of pollution. The DC appealed to the students, teachers, local elders and Ulema to help the government and Forest Department in discouraging illegal cutting of trees in the area. At the end, an awareness walk was also held from DC office to the Ghalanai Bazaar to raise awareness

regarding cleanliness and plantation in the area.District Forest Officer Mohmand, Atta-ur-Rahman said that 0.8 million

various plants would be planted

by December 2020 in Mohmand district under the clean and green Pakistan in merged areas forest programme. He said that 10,000 plants will be planted in various areas of the district, while 90,000 plants would be distributed amongst the various

departments, students and tribal elders.He stressed that effects of climate

change could be minimised only through plantation in the area. He said that 10,000 plants would be distributed in the eight tehsils of the tribal district during the plant for Pakistan campaign. He added that also some plants would be planted adjacent the small dams Gandaow, Yousaf Khel, Aqrab Daag and Khursheed Dam in the area.The DFO maintained that a comprehensive

plan has been chalked out and focus would be made to bring most of the barren land under

plantation and vegetative cover

with active participation of the local community for sustainable environment. He said around 670-acre land has been brought under forest cover in last fiscal year, while efforts

would be made to bring maximum

area under plantation in the upcoming Spring Tree Plantation campaign in the district.The forest officer said the government

was spending huge amount for the uplift of forest to ensure sustainable environment for future generation. He urged the local community and tribal elders to cooperate with government and sow maximum