PARIS - French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire said on Thursday that China’s tech giant Huawei won’t be excluded from the country’s 5G network rollout, but the government will set “restrictions” to protect France’s sovereignty and address potential security risks.

On Sunday, the Chinese Embassy in Paris called on local authorities to “treat all companies equally,” noting that “the concerns of a sovereign country over the security of 5G networks... have to be based on science and facts, and the measures taken must be proportionate.”

China promotes TV, radio shows to rally morale in coronavirus battle

BEIJING - Around 180 television and radio shows will be broadcast without airing fees on television and radio stations across China from February to the end of August, according to the National Radio and Television Administration.

This comes as a result of a TV and radio shows promotion campaign launched by the administration to rally public morale in the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. The shows cover a variety of topics ranging from culture, science, to education and health and include animation series and documentaries, among other works.

Among them is the popular game show “Chinese Poetry Conference.” The total time length of the TV and radio shows, of which airing rights have been made free thanks to donations from copyright owners amid the virus battle, has reached nearly 1,000 hours, according to the administration.