Multan-Naib Ameer Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan, Liaquat Baloch declared on Friday that JI had decided to launch a countrywide protest drive from February 20 against price hike, unemployment, bribery and corruption.

Addressing a news conference here, he added that the JI workers would go door to door during the movement and convince people that the concept of State of Madinah was incomplete without Islamic code. He said that eligible and honest leadership was needed for creating a progressive Islamic welfare state. He disclosed that the JI workers had been issued directions across the country to become active.

He said that according to democratic norms, the current rulers had lost the right to stay in government. “Now the masses will have to save the future of coming generations themselves,” he added. He said that US Presidents Trump bulldozed all institutions and exhibited utmost stubbornness in sticking to the throne and Trump used to declare Imran Khan a good friend. “So the people should not expect that Imran Khan will quit throne himself. Nor will he exhibit any moral courage. The masses will have to save the future of coming generations themselves,” he asserted. He said that the people thought that the government and state were on the same page and they expected that the system would improve but the current situation further distorted the face of government and establishment. He said that state management’s intervention in politics should be stopped because it jeopardised national unity.

To a query on Saraiki province, he said that creation of small administrative units was need of the hour, adding that these units could be created if the government and the state stood on the same page. He said the masses were fleeced in current Aatta and sugar crisis and it was a conspiracy of a mafia who stood under government’s umbrella.

He disclosed that the Milli Yakjehti Council developed a working programme in consultation with other parties containing recommendations for creation of State of Madina. “The working programme asks Imran Khan that the solution to all current problems lies in enforcement of Islamic code of government,” he added. He demanded Imran Khan to refrain from backing out of his commitments regarding state of Madina.

He regretted that Kashmir was under lockdown for 195 days as a result of which life became extremely difficult for poor Kashmiris. He added that Kashmiris were under siege due to criminal negligence and non-serious behaviour of Pakistan government. He said that strong resentment prevailed among not just Kashmiris but Pakistanis on current state of Kashmir.

He welcomed the visit of Turkish president and said that Mr. Ordegan talked about Kashmir and Palestine issues in the parliament with bravery while expressing his strong connection with the Muslim world. He was of the opinion that Pakistan further added to the hardships of Kashmiris by boycotting Kualalampur summit. He said that despite the boycott, the leadership of Turkey, Malaysia and Iran supported Pakistan and did not express displeasure on our boycott. He suggested that Pakistan should accomplish the incomplete summit by holding the conference of heads of Islamic states in Islamabad. “And Kashmir should be discussed in this summit,” he added.

He declared that the JI would fully participate in local government elections. He asked the federation and four provinces to exhibit serious behaviour and give rights to the masses through local governments. He said that many people had moved courts against the local government system given to Punjab. “Imran Khan should give up his stubbornness and give an empowered local government system to the people,” he maintained. He declared that the JI would exert pressure on the government for local government election and if it felt any bad intent on part of government, it would move court.

Referring to the prevailing economic conditions, he said that economic crisis had turned the worst as price hike, unemployment and favouritism crushed poor people. He added that now the condition of upper middle class was highly vulnerable after poor class. He said that agriculture was a foundation for a stable economy but the government completely neglected this sector. He said that the country was in grip of price hike and the people could explode lose their patience at any time.