KARACHI                   -            PTI Parliamentary Leader in the Sindh Assembly (SA) Haleem Adil Sheikh moved a resolution on Friday, expressing support and solidarity for the people of China, currently grappling with the Coronavirus.

In the resolution, PTI Parliamentary Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh said that the Assembly extended its complete support and expressed solidarity with the people of China and the Government of China for their dedicated efforts, efficient policies and remarkable speed with which they were fighting the Coronavirus. “The Assembly appreciates and commends the Chinese government under the able leadership of President Xi and the CPC for treating Pakistani citizens, currently in China and especially the Pakistani students in Hubai province, with utmost care and responsibility,” reads the resolution.

The resolution further said that the Assembly reposed complete confidence in the Chinese government and President Xi Jinping’s leadership, and expressed hope that China will soon win this rigorous battle against this medical and health emergency.

“We the people of Sindh and all Pakistanis stand by our Chinese brothers and sisters in this difficult time and extend our complete support to them,” the resolution concludes.