The strategic relationship between Turkey and Pakistan has always been the cornerstone of both nation’s foreign policy, but under the leadership of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Turkish President Erdogan it has been taken to new heights. Crucially, this relationship is not restricted to surface-level contact and empty diplomatic platitude, a deficiency that is apparent in some of our other foreign partners. The Turkish President has never been one to mince his words and his clear, powerful and vocal stance on Kashmir and India’s violations against the Muslim minorities is a testament to that bold spirit.

Now more than ever there is a great need to talk about the injustices done to the oppressed people across the world: such as Kashmiris and Palestinians. When the international world of real politick and vested interest would rather protect their economic goals rather than the fundamental rights of human beings, nations must stand up and remind them of their duty.

Beyond Kashmir, Turkey’s support of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in an environment when it is being targeted by foreign powers is crucial. By indicating that Turkey is ready to be part of the infrastructure project Erdogan has further improved the perception of stability and economic potential surrounding it.

The positive contributions do not end with the President. The First Lady Emine Erdogan, echoing the sentiments of her husband, also highlighted the joint history of the two nations. Her social message, that no society can progress without empowering its women, is one that needs to be heard across Pakistan.

Both the Turkish President and the First Lady have left a lasting impression on the Pakistani people and their support to Pakistan will always be remembered.