I dont get it why even after so many years, the PIA which continues to call itself the national airline is still incapable of making a prudent decision. I have recently learned that while flying with PIA, I would have to change flights with Turkish airline on my way to Chicago. And the pity is that the PIA is calling this disaster as expansion of the airline. What sort of expansion it is? Whom are they trying to fool? And when will the PIAs management start thinking about the customers? Did they even bother to think how inconvenient their so-called expansion plan is? Seriously, are they that dumb that they cannot even figure it out why on earth would I prefer PIA over other Eastern airlines when the only reason for me and my family of flying PIA to Chicago and back home was its nonstop flight schedule. But now if I have to face the same inconvenience with both airlines then I would definitely go for eastern airlines whose services are far better than PIA. As far as I know, for any service oriented company customers comfort ought to come first. But for PIA that is of least importance. My humble request to PIA is please wake up SAHAR ASLAM KHAN, Karachi, January 14.