A Personal View Inayatullah Rahul Gandhi is worried about Hindu extremism in India. This is what the Wikileaks brought to attention while referring to a report relating to Rahul talking to the American ambassador. 18 years ago, we witnessed the Hindu upsurge in the Rath Yatra led by Adiani an anti-Muslim activity which culminated in the demolition of the historic Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. What subsequently happened in Gujarat is well-known? How the Muslims were killed in large numbers in Mumbai under the alleged patronage of the State Chief Minister Narendar Modi and how the Vajpayee government practically condoned the massacre. The information provided the other day by Swami Asseemanand, an RSS (Rashtra Swayamsenak Sang) leader, to the Indian intelligence officials is indeed most revealing. According to him, a Hindu terrorist outfit has ben responsible for attacks on the Muslims in Ajmer Dargah, Mecca Masjid and the Samjohta Express. The Swami has also said that the Sangs nefarious activities had the backing of a number of retired and serving Indian military officers. Tehelka, an independent Indian investigation on-line organization, has referred to a nexus between terrorist groups and military intelligence officials. This shocking expose confirms what earlier surfaced when Lt. Col. Prohits name came up in regard to his role in Samjohta Express tragedy. The Samjohta Express carnage took place four years ago. In this train attack, 68 people were killed. 42 were Pakistanis. It is a sad reflection on the then Musharraf government that despite repeated requests, the Indian government refused to provide any information about this horrendous incident. Governments all over the world take urgent and effective action if even one of their nationals is mistreated or killed abroad. Remember the lethal non-stop bombing by Israel of populated areas of Lebanon on the ground that one Israeli soldier was being held in Lebanon. Imagine the killing and burning of 42 Pakistanis in a terrorist attack in India (ironically travelling in a Samjohta or good-will train) and little done to secure their bodies, with no legal proceedings to punish the culprits. Now that the cat is out of the bag and the Swami has more or less confessed the perpetration of the heinous crime by the RSS gangs and affiliates, how the local network trained and financed the attackers and how linked they were with military and intelligence agencies, it is time the government of Pakistan comes out with a strategy to take Indian government to task for the deliberate and treacherous killing of more than three dozen hapless Pakistanis travelling in India. Volumes can be written how the Indians make use of incidents in which according to them Pakistanis are involved. The so-called attack on the parliament brought forth a massive Indian armys mobilisation on our border for about a year. Just see how the Mumbai attacks have been capitalised to demonise Pakistan. How, to please the Americans, one step is initiated to agree to open talks with Pakistan and two taken backwards to slam shut the process. Recall what Manmohan Singh agreed to for restarting the dialogue in Sharm El Sheikh, sans the terrorism issue, and how he backtracked on return to New Delhi. The Indian government, its diplomatic arm and the media have all along carried out a smear campaign against Pakistan, branding it, as a terrorist state. How it planned Obamas visit to India by putting him up, to begin with, in the very same Taj Mahal hotel and inviting him to attend the 26/11 memorial ceremonies so that spotlight is all along kept on the 'culprit neighbouring country. After the Swamis exposures, good that our Foreign Office showed sense and spine and summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner and asked for detailed information about the Samjohta Express carnage. The Indian response that it is too early to provide information asked for needs to be rejected. New Delhi has been kept beating Pakistan with the Mumbai stick about the court cases against certain persons alleged to be linked to Mumbai attacks and on that account refusing to talk to Islamabad. How can it take the plea after the lapse of four long years that more time was required to gather the information about these Samjohta slaughter. Mr Krishna is keen to resume talks with Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Pakistan has said yes to the demand. Qureshi should have taken a firm stand to agree to restart dialogue, only after information regarding Samjohta killings had been provided and assurances given to expedite action against the Indian terrorist outfits and their military backers and patrons. In fact we should ask for the extradition of at least the Swami and Col. Prohit who more or less have confessed their guilt. I find the sweet talk dished out by Indian peacenick activists, amusing. A recent delegation led by Mani Shankar Aiyer waxed eloquent for love and amity between the two countries. I wonder why they instead of inflicting sermons on poor Pakistanis, not seek to persuade their own government to stop mistreating the Muslims in India, halt the brutal state terrorism in Kashmir and bring the Samjohta train killers of 42 Pakistanis to book (after the delay of four years). Imagine a big neighbour refusing to let housing a consulate at the residence of the founding father of newly born country (in Mumbai). This small gesture would do more to positively influence Pakistanis minds and hearts than 21 sugar-coated sermons on Shanti and good neighbourliness by the well-meaning Mani Shankars and Shatrugans. Why doesnt Mr Shankar take up the cause of the terrorised Kashmiris and secures assurances that thousands of missing Kashmiri youth would be recovered and returned to their sad and traumatised mothers and fathers? Why dont he and his friends find time to go, meet and condole with the grief-striken families of the 42 Pakistanis killed and burnt in India? The writer is a political and international relations analyst. Email: pacade@brain.net.pk