It was 1974 and the Gentleman Cadet No. 13094, Naeem Khalid Lodhi was given the prestigious appointment of Company Senior under Officer (CSUO) Khalid Company in the PMA Kakul. He was one of the eight cadets who got this coveted appointment out of 300 cadets in the 50th PMA Long Course. “Leadership” is taught as one of the character building subjects in the PMA. Different traits of leadership carry different weight-ages and the Moral Courage has the maximum -10 - in which Gentleman Cadet Lodhi excelled. It was under his honest, dynamic leadership and demonstrated performance as CSUO that Khalid Company was adjudged the Champion Company of the year 1974. The most difficult task in the world is to motivate a soldier to lay his life for the defence of the country. One has to set the self example and lead the men from the front in the battle to do it and Naeem Khalid Lodhi started doing it at the young age of 21 year when most others are in their learning years in the colleges and universities. As time passed by he was entrusted with greater responsibilities. He was a faculty member in the Military College of Engineering Risalpur, a Directing Staff in the Command and Staff College Quetta and then later in the National Defence University Islamabad. Hundreds of military, civil and foreign officers including the current CNS benefited from his knowledge and graduated from these prestigious seats of learning. He commanded thousands of men and officers from the days he was a 2/Lt till he rose to be a Lt Gen - a period of over 36 years. He introduced and demonstrated practically new concepts for the defence of the motherland. No one will have any hesitation in saying that General Lodhi is a gentleman, a very capable and highly responsible officer. It is just unfortunate to him being accused of misconduct. A person of his caliber, intellect, integrity and patriotism certainly knows the difference between conduct and misconduct. Losing officers o f his character and caliber can be highly demoralizing for the straight and upright officers in the services. Based upon my 27 years of professional association with him I can confidently say that he always acts according to his conscience - not dictation - and in the best interest of the country.


Rawalpindi, January 13.