KARACHI - Large queues of vehicles were seen outside the CNG pumps on Saturday, as CNG stations reopened in Karachi and interior Sindh after remaining closed for 24 hours.

People at large were seen affected particularly the office-goers were hurrying for the filling of CNG.

The stations were closed following Sui Southern Gas Company’s announcement because the authorities, according to them, have no other option but to continue the gas curtailment according to the proposed plan.

According to an official statement this step is being taken by the gas distributing company to improve the line pack position all over its franchise areas of Sindh including Karachi, which has been badly disturbed due to increase in gas load during the current winter season.

On the other hand, the persisting gas curtailment badly affected the commuters’ daily life mainly of those who rely on public transport in the commercial hub of the country.

The passengers of inter-city have also suffered and paid heavy cost of gas loadshedding program. The fare prices went up in the period of utility suspension.

Commercial transporters charges doubled during the gas curtailment period because there was not much public transport on the roads during the closure and usually the transporters use diesel to run their vehicles. So they had a reason for charging high fare.

People from different walks of life including office-goers are disturbed due to continuing CNG pumps closure.