ISLAMABAD – Ministry of Water and Power have constituted a commission to carry out an inquiry against former Indus Water Commissioner Jammat Ali Shah on the charges of criminal negligence and possibly deliberate inaction during construction of Nimoo Bazgo Dam by India on river Indus.

India built Nimoo Bazgoo Dam on Indus in Occupied Kashmir in total violation of Indus Water Treaty. The said dam would cause slowing down of water flows into Pakistan that must have not been tolerated by Pakistani authorities.

The commission would decide that in what manner he was involved and what was the nature of his crime – whether it was just unintentional negligence or he kept silent due to some vested interests. It would then recommend action against the former official.

During his tenure, Shah always seemed to be very polite with Indian officials and whenever media persons asked him regarding Indian projects being carried out on Indus River, he maintained that India was working within limits of Indus Water Treaty. Why Shah did not act is still a mystery but it has been proved that the dam is surely going to affect the water interests of Pakistan.

Jammat Ali Shah has however, fled to  Canada before any action could be taken against him. The only action that has been taken against Mr Shah so far is that the ministry has withheld his pension fund, which the official might not need if he has favoured the Indians for some monetary benefit.

Contrary to his claims, now every one knows that Nimoo Bazgo Dam was not run of the river dam that India was allowed under the treaty but the said dam could also store water. It is also amazing that a report reveals that when India in the very start intimated Shah about the project, he raised questions on the design of the project but later he kept silent on the issue.

It was only after most of the work was done on the project that Mr Shah started raising questions again on the design of the dam. As per international laws, the aggrieved has to file a complaint in time to secure its rights and no international court can give a decision after a certain percentage of work is completed. An official told The Nation that some people are so enthusiastic about keeping friendly relations with India that they just forget the interests of the country. There should not be any friendship at the cost of the rights of the Pakistanis, he added.