When General Kiyani roared immediately after the Salalah attack, many of us conjectured that if ever the US conducted a drone attack in future, it will be shot down but all such thinking proved to be wishful when on last Tuesday there was a drone attack after the lapse in continuity for 45 days only. There seems to be no halt to sinister adventurism by the US in our land. After the audacious November attack on Salalah Check post in which 26 army personnel were martyred, the recent attacks by the American spy agency show how resolute and firm the Obama administration is to disregard our sovereignty and territorial integrity. The US carried out 75 drone attacks previous year, killing 609 persons out of which only 8 belonged to terrorist outfits. Since 2004 as many as 302 drone attacks have been conducted by the US and more than 2600 persons have been killed. Each drone attack costs 68000 US dollars. Thus, as much as 1.5 billion Pakistani Rupees have been spent to kill 609 people in the year 2011 only. I would like to invite the kind attention of the American citizens to this grave fact that their government spends a major chunk of the tax they pay on a mindless and heinous war against humanity. If the American government considers us to be lesser human beings, it is another thing but the American citizens must at least think how insanely their money is being wasted in a useless so-called war on terrorism. I humbly solicit each and every American to persuade his government to put an end to its atrocities against humanity. I beseech the Americans only due to this ugly reality that no institution in Pakistan has sufficient enough courage to stop drone attacks be it the government, judiciary or army. I have only one message for our present rulers, politicians and judges of my country, "Nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance".


Wah Cantt, January 13.