Recently, I had a chance to visit the Health Festival, which was organised by a private sector hospital, in the vicinity of a big departmental store on Multan Road, Lahore. It was nice to see that the people with their families were coming there in pretty good numbers despite the fact it was a cold evening as the festival was being held in an open space. Different sorts of stalls were set up there by public and private sectors concerns, though not in a big number, which had displayed their products there and were distributing leaflets and other material to attract the attention of the people coming there.

One such leaflet, which was given to me, was about a gadget which, it was claimed, if used in a vehicle could result in a saving of up to 25 per cent of fuel consumption while giving more mileage and power to the car besides being environment friendly, as well. A visit to the stall concerned proved more useful and educative for people like me. While wishing that more such entertainment-oriented festivals should be organised both in public and private sectors to provide much evasive places for outings with the families during day or evening times in the wake of terrorist activities, I could not help desire that if at all such technological innovative equipments are there which help in saving fuel expenses to an appreciable level of up to 25 per cent, these should be tested and examined in detail by the Federal and Provincial Governments.

The results, if found in line with the claims of the manufacturers and suppliers, should be publicised through print and electronic media for the overall benefit of the people who are much worried and concerned over frequent petrol ,CNG and diesel price hike. If people have no control over POL prices then still they can go for fuel saving measures in order to minimise financial burden on their pockets and resources, in particular those having limited and moderate earnings.


Lahore, January 14.