ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehr-eek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said if the PPP regime tries to take steps against judiciary and does not implement its orders denying the nation rule of law, it will be a direct assault on democracy and will be resisted by PTI through a ‘Tsunami March’ towards Islamabad.

Talking to the media persons at a press conference, Imran said PTI had formed a committee on creation of new administrative units as it was need of the hour. Demanding new electoral lists for next elections, he said 45 per cent votes included in the old lists were bogus.  He said PTI would not participate in elections under the old electoral rolls. He said he had no personal enmity with Nawaz Sharif but the PML-N chief had always protected the current ‘corrupt regime’ in the name of system and if he was sincere with the nation he must resign from national and Punjab provincial assemblies immediately. He informed that PTI had formed a committee comprising senior stalwarts of the party to contact with all Baloch nationalists in a bid to bring them into streamline.

He said PTI would announce a comprehensive political action plan during upcoming public gathering in Quetta.  While condemning the drone attacks, Imran said incumbent government was the product of NRO and only the NRO-tainted rulers could allow drone strikes.

He further criticised Asfand Yar Walli saying why he did not raised voice against drone attacks. To a question, PTI leader categorically declared that Zardari was the head of a political party so in his presence transparent elections were impossible.

Earlier, decisions of important nature were taken at a meeting of the PTI’s central executive committee (CEC) which was held at a hotel in Islamabad on Saturday. It was decided in the CEC that PTI would not take part in the by-elections because these were still based on old electoral rolls containing bogus votes.

Unless the electoral rolls are cleaned of fraudulent entries no election can be free and fair. The CEC also resolved that if the PPP regime tried to destroy the court and denied the nation rule of law, it would be a direct assault on democracy, and will be resisted by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf through a Tsunami March towards Islamabad. Let this be a warning to the ruling clique.

The CEC also demanded of the government to come clean over the deteriorating situation and alarming increase in the number of missing persons list in Balochistan province.

The CEC also demanded that any kind of military operation in the province must be stopped forthwith and serious steps must be taken to assuage the hurt feelings of the people of the province.

 The CEC welcomed the decision by Tehreek-e-Istaqlal led by a revered national figure Air Marshall (r) Asghar Khan to merge itself in Pakistan.

However, the CEC noted with concern the ongoing political crisis created by the government by not implementing the NRO decision of the Supreme Court. It was felt that the prime minister and other members of the ruling party were attacking all institutions including the Supreme Court to hide their loot and plundering.

The CEC also noted with concern the deceitful behaviour of Nawaz Sharif about government with opposing and support it at different times.

The time for double-talk and double-dealing was over, the CEC declared. If the PML N was serious in opposing the government it should resign from the national and provincial assemblies and quit the Punjab government. Otherwise, its statements and media posturing was nothing more than a hot air, indeed a façade to hoodwink the people.

The CEC noted with concern that drone attacks that had stopped for a while had restarted again. This was condemned in the strongest possible terms.

PTI CEC reiterated its long held policy that Pakistan should not be a part of the US war in Afghanistan and should not tolerate any violation of its sovereignty. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf believed in devolution and smaller units for better management. However, to study this issue in all its ramifications a committee was formed which would deliberate on the issue of the new provinces and present its report in the next CEC meeting. It was also decided that the outline of the PTI manifesto would be presented in the next CEC meeting.