PESHAWAR - Activists of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and tribal elders of Bara, Khyber Agency, Saturday staged a protest demonstration against the ongoing military operation in tehsil Bara.

They urged the government to stop military operation, as they said innocent people were being killed. The protestors, led by JI Khyber Agency Ameer Shah Faisal Afridi and other leaders, were holding placards and banner inscribed with slogans against the ongoing operation and in favour of their demands, here outside press club.

The protesters, waving the party flags, also chanted slogans against the incumbent government and the elected representatives, as they said they failed to stop military action and ensure peace in the region. Addressing the protestors, Shah Faisal said the basic human rights were being violated as military operation had been launched in Bara for almost two years and continuous curfew had been imposed. He said mortar shells were being blindly fired, which were killing several people. He said dozens of other people including women and children got permanently paralysed.  Shah informed that four women were killed and four others were critically injured in a shellfire at a house in Akakhel area. He further said trade and business activities in the area were completely destroyed, while all the educational institutions including schools and colleges were closed, due to which the future of the new generation seemed to be in the dark.