RAWALPINDI – Kausar Foundation, a social welfare organisation, was launched here at a ceremony. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, head of the Awami Muslim League, was the chief guest on the occasion.

He said he has a strong trust in the youth of the country and expects that they will play a positive role in heading the country towards its progress. “Kausar Foundation is an initiative taken by youngsters and it shows that our youth also thinks about the poor and needy people of the country and wants them to bring out of crises,” he said. Sheikh Rashid congratulated Aman Shaukat, the chairman of the Kausar Foundation, on taking this noble initiative.

Pir Izhaar Hussain Bokhari, speaking on the occasion, said our youth has a lot of potential to brighten the future of the country. He said all the people especially the philanthropists should come forward to help the poor and needy people of the country.

Aman Shaukat said the main objectives of the Kausar Foundation are to provide free education to poor and orphan children; monthly allowance for poor; free food for the needy; free dispensary with a provision of free dialysis and helping poor and orphan girls in their wedding arrangements. Aman Shaukat said the Kausar Foundation would also set up vocational training centers for needy females.