LAHORE – Mr Mansoor Ijaz has refuted the allegations made by the legal counsel for former ambassador Husain Haqqani against Advocate Akram Sheikh, who is representing the US businessman of Pakistan origin in what is now known as memo controversy.

The lawyers’ filings have absolutely no merit and demonstrate that Mr Haqqani has “lost his ability to read and comprehend basic English as he sits in solitary confinement at Prime Minister's House, uselessly scheming and plotting his extraction from an event of his own design,” Mansoor said in a statement emailed to TheNation on Saturday.

He said Mr Haqqani’s “behaviour patterns are the same as they were in May, when he asked me to help him deliver the memorandum”.

Mr Haqqani, he said, “has no conscience in attacking my counsel who with my consent made public certain threats to my life as security arrangements were being prepared for me to come to Pakistan and testify in front of the Judicial Commission.  These threats were sent to the same e-mail address I used to communicate the original draft of the memorandum in question which he had asked me to transmit to Adm Mike Mullen in May”.

In his filing, Mr Haqqani [Applicant] states ".... that life threats had been made against Mansoor Ijaz by e-mail on email address used by Applicant. That such fallacious and fabricated claims carry no weight, not based upon truth but based on mala-fide and trying to malign the Applicant... That neither the Applicant nor on his behalf sent such email to Mr Mansoor Ijaz."

Mr Mansoor said: “Now compare these statements of Haqqani to the statement made by Mr Sheikh in the press clippings Haqqani's counsel refer to in their filing: "Mansoor has been receiving death threats from the same email address(es) from which he had been communicating with Husain Haqqani earlier in the year," said Sheikh.

Mansoor Ijaz said Mr Sheikh never said Mr Haqqani was responsible for the threats I received.  He said I was receiving the threats from the same address(es) I had been communicating with Haqqani earlier in the year.  Read the statement again, Husain, the US businessman advised the former ambassador with whom he is now engaged in legal battle.

“This latest episode in Haqqani's drama shows how clearly adept he is at misinforming the public by manipulating words and creating fiction from non-existent reality.  The people of Pakistan should take notice - his behaviour patterns are the same as they were in May when he asked me to help him deliver the memorandum”.

He said Mr Haqqani has orchestrated a media campaign against me (Mansoor) since his resignation in November designed to introduce doubts and exploit the complexities and nuances of this case that were entirely designed by him with, according to him, authority from his "boss".

“In doing so, he has failed miserably to dent the fundamental facts and corroborative evidence that I will put on the record in front of the Commission that demonstrate his originating role, his higher authority for doing so and his efforts to cover his tracks once the Memorandum was public knowledge”.

He said: “Mr Haqqani has also orchestrated a political campaign in Washington to bolster his own credentials, bought and paid for by Pakistani taxpayer funds, that have only served to deepen suspicions about where his real loyalties lie. 

Having failed in any way to address the facts in front of the Commission, he and his lawyers now seek to attack my counsel as part of their overall strategy to deter and even alter the course of justice with stall tactics, intimidation schemes and political brinkmanship in the hopes that I will somehow be cowered down and not turn up to testify”.

Mr Mansoor declared quite emphatically that he was coming to Pakistan and would tell a truth which Mr Haqqani would no longer be able to hide from. “I will tell it with such clarity and vigor that you and your brilliant legal team will find no space to run from it”, he said of the former ambassador.