Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Sunday that he was the Prime Minister of 180 million people and was only answerable to the Parliament and not to any individual. Prime Minister Gilani added that it was important for Parliament and not the prime minister to complete the five year term.

Hopeful about the fulfillment of the Parliament’s tenure, Gilani said that all the institutions are working in their domains and he is only answerable to the Parliament.

While speaking to the media in Vehari, the Prime Minister said there was no violation of rules and conduct in the response given to the memo case. He clarified that he has never labeled accusations against anyone, adding that reply submitted in the memo case by Army Chief and DG ISI in the Supreme Court was not according to the rules of law.

Responding to a question regarding Army Chief’s complaint to President against him, Prime Minister Gilani said he was not present in the meeting but presidential spokesperson has already denied the statement.

The prime minister did not comment on if Mansoor Ijaz had arrived in Pakistan.