ISLAMABAD  – The Punjab Forum, Monday, lauded Federal Government for replacing incompetent political government with Governor’s Rule in restive Balochistan.

The prime minister took a bold step of visiting protesting Hazaras at midnight who had been staging a sit-in in for the last three days along with the bodies of dead, said Baig Raj, president of the Punjab Forum.

He said that delay in accepting plea of masses to enforce Governor’s rule resulted in killing of hundreds of innocent people for which the government is responsible. Baig Raj said that Government has sent a signal that it would not accept just demand unless forced to do so while many think that the latest development was an attempt to diffuse tensions that had gripped the country after killings.

Carnage of Hazaras, settlers and those going to Iran for jobs continued unabated since years but nobody seemed concerned, he added. Baig Raj said that Governor’s rule will not resolve the problem unless a military operation is carried out to restore peace. Moreover, he said, demand to handing over Quetta to military is not fair as whole province is burning which calls for turning in entire Balochistan to the army.

Honorable return of thousands of settlers who were forced to leave province should be ensured, they should get their snatched property back and should be compensated for losses, he demanded.

Baig Raj further said that peace is not possible in presence of chieftains therefore after the operation the seats in the provincial assembly should be doubled so that Baloch people could get a voice.

He said that Pakistan is the only country in world which believes in negotiations with terrorists while the policy of reconciliation has emboldened anti-state elements who have shaken the foundations of state.

Delay in a merciless operation will break Pakistan as many enemy states are trying to dismember Pakistan with the help of Karzai administration. Government has failed on every front across country with situation a bit better in Punjab, he said adding that any plan by the government to prolong their rule to plunder resources would be resisted, he warned.