LAHORE – FIA Punjab Director Waqar Haider has amended the policy of releasing deportees from Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP), raising fears the official would use it to mint money, sources said on Monday.

The sources said the FIA director issued orders of sending deportees to the provincial headquarters of FIA Anti-Human Trafficking Cell (AHTC).

As per the laws, there was no provision of keeping any deportee into FIA custody. According to section 17 and 18 of Immigration Ordinance 1979, the immigration laws were meant only for departure and cannot be implemented on arrival of any deportee, said an FIA officer on anonymity.

An officer said that as per immigration laws only deportee who had traveled on fake document aboard was supposed to send AHTC for further probe. Those who had traveled on genuine travel documents and they were deported after they violated a law, the deportation was his punishment. Sources claimed that the majority of deportees had gone abroad on genuine documents but on their arrival in any country they commit a violation for which they are sent back.

Another officer of FIA said that reason to send all deportees to AHTC was to threat them and receive illegal gratification from them for their release. Sources revealed that newly appointed Deputy Director Immigration, Dr Naveed enjoying good reputation in the department had ordered his subordinates to release the deportees after preliminary interrogation at the AIIAP. As per his policy only necessary and complicated cases were send to AHTC for further action.

 Sources claimed that in AHTC they have to pay Rs 50000 to Rs 100000 for their early release, those who do not pay bribe they have to be passed through investigations, judicial process and get bail from court. For bail they have to pay amount to lawyer and judicial staff and others, so they think it easy to pay FIA officers instead. Sources claimed that FIA Director passed the order of sending deportees to AHTC at the time when deputy director immigration, Dr Naveed was not in country.

In the past cold war between FIA Director and former Deputy Director Immigration continued over the issue of sending deportees to AHTC. Former Deputy Director also wanted to deal with deportees at AIIAP but director was of the view that they would be sent to AHTC. A responsible officer of FIA appointed at FIA provincial headquarter seeking anonymity said that all this was happening to mint money from deportees. When contacted spokesman of FIA, Deputy Director, Haroonur Rasheed said that an order in this regard was received from FIA headquarter, Islamabad to produce all deportees in AHTC to maintain their record. He said that there was no malafide intention behind this order but to take action against travel agents involved in sending bonafide citisens abroad through illegal ways and ultimately reduce the number the deportees.