MIRPUR (AJK) - The government and the people of AJ&K as well as Kashmiris settled in rest of the world observed Black Day - which the AJK government termed as 'Resistance Day' on Monday against unprovoked firing and violation of Line Of Control by Indian Army in Haji Pir, Batal aqnd Tata Pani sector resulting in killing of Pakistani soldiers and civilians.

The rallies and protests were demonstrated in AJ&K, Indian Occupied Kashmir and the world over by Kashmiris and their political leadership. AJK Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed led a huge rally representing all political, social, religious parties and the refugees from Indian held Kashmir. The participants of the rally marched to the headquarters of the UNO Observers and presented a memorandum.

AJK Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, while addressing the protest rally said that the whole Kashmiri nation stood with Pakistan Army and all the political leadership was united on the issue. "Pakistan has always stood with and advocated for Kashmiris and continued its unrelenting support to our nation; such acts by Indian forces cannot suppress the voice of Kashmiris and can never bring fear in our hearts, we are with Pakistan Army whatever the circumstances may come", he observed.

The memorandum stated that Indian Army has violated the International Law, UN charter, UNCIP resolutions and Ceasefire Agreement between Pakistan and India as well as it was an effort to sabotage the ongoing peace process between the two countries. "Pakistanis and Kashmiris are peace-loving people particularly Pakistan army who is sacrificing for the peace and security of the region", it read.

The memorandum asked the UN Military Observer Group in Indian and Pakistan (UNNOGIP) to take notice of such acts and take serious actions forming a commission under the auspices of UN to investigate recent crossing of ceasefire Line by Indian Army. It severely condemned such acts and demanded that UNCIP resolutions should be honoured and respected. "The committee of nations may form a commission under the auspices of un to investigate the recent crossing of ceasefire Line by Indian Army", it held. It also demanded the peaceful settlement of long disputed issue and stop India to push the situation against the wall. It was hoped that the matter would be given proper and timely attention to aggravating situation on LOC.

Former prime minister Sardar Atiq Ahmed Khan, ministers of the AJ&K government Matloob Inqalabi, Chaudhry Rashid, Mian Waheed, Majid Khan, Bazil Ali Naqvi, Javed Ayub and the people from all walks of life and representing different political, social and religious organizations represented, condemning the violation of UN charter and International Laws, demanded to constitute a commission to probe the matter.