ISLAMABAD – While strongly condemning the over 100 killings of Hazara community members in the Quetta twin blasts, Advisor to Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Chairman, Dr Shehzad Waseem, has said that the federal government has miserably failed to establish the writ of law especially in Balochistan and Tribal Areas and bowed before the rising activities of militant groups.

“There has been left no legitimate justification for the PPP and its allies to stay in power any longer as the terrorism and militancy have made the whole nation hostage completely collapsing the whole writ of the government and law,” the PTI leader said in a statement while representing his party’s grave concerns over the fast deteriorating law and order situation in the troubled Balochistan.

Regarding the rising sense of alienation among the disgruntled Baloch leaders and the Hazara community, Dr. Shehzad said that the crisis in this province cannot be resolved through gun and bullet and stressed upon the political authorities to take a serious effort to initiate political dialogues with these groups for the resolution of their all genuine demands.

He was of the view that the imposition of Governor’s Rule in Balochistan is a right step but too late as the province has plunged deep into lawlessness and target killings especially of Hazara and Shia community has become order of the day. “Had the Governor’s Rule been imposed much earlier by dethroning the provincial government, the precious lives of Hazara community members could have been saved,” he remarked.

He said that their party believes in strong Federation of Pakistan, equal rights of all communities irrespective of their numerical strength enshrined in the country’s Constitution. He reiterated that PTI after coming into power after the upcoming elections would completely implement its manifesto which is based on provision of cheap and speedy justice, education to all and independence of provinces and corruption-free system to run government affairs.