Islamabad is a city all Pakistan is proud of, but unfortunately during the last few years due to indifference and inaction of the CDA it is gradually becoming a standard Pakistani city. There seems to be no regard for cleanliness, shopkeepers are encroaching on the footpaths, and parking for the ever increasing number of cars is not being catered to. But the most disturbing fact is that the greenbelts, for which Islamabad was famous, are being destroyed by the emerging graveyards and dumping of debris. A case in point is the greenbelt between F-10/3 and Khiaban-e-Iqbal. At two points some mini-graveyards are coming up and number of graves is increasing rapidly.

In addition to this the people who renovate their homes are dumping their waste on the greenbelt as a result the greenery has started to diminish. If not checked, soon the greenbelts of Islamabad will be converted into graveyards and dumping areas. CDA administration is requested to act fast and endeavor to restore the beauty of Islamabad.


Islamabad, January 13.