KARACHI - Karachi Electric Supply Company has suspended service to four PMTs in Malir area where the defaulting consumers have reached to 60 per cent with merely 25 per cent payment ratio. In addition to the non-paying attitude, conductor theft has also been rampant in the vicinity. On Monday, the defaulting consumers had attacked KESC Memon Goth BOC office, demanding restoration of power without clearing the outstanding dues. The KESC expressed deep concern over the negative attitude of such defaulting consumers and said that the operations office in the area could be closed down if such attacks continued.The KESC stated that it had been serving the customers connected to the PMTs namely Bashera, Chairman and Girls School PMT’s 1 and 2 despite heavy losses and low recovery rate. Recently, with the help of local notables, the KESC had made arrangements to convert hook connections into metered connections and established a camp for recovery of dues. However, the defaulting consumers refused to pay or cooperate and rather chose to resort to mob tactics which was evident from their Monday attack on the Memon Goth BOC by throwing stones and blocking the road. The KESC said that theft of precious copper wire continued despite repeated alarm raised by the power utility. On Jan 14, in another development, 3-phase low tension bus bar copper wire was stolen from Ibrahim Ali Bhai substation in Musa Lane, Metroville where unknown thieves broke the door lock and forced entry into the substation. On Jan 13, two spans of copper wire weighing 30-kg were stolen from Bahria Security Intelligence Colony. KESC asked the authorities and law enforcement agencies to take immediate steps to protect the utility’s assets against such continuing acts of transgression against its network, creating not only huge financial losses for the utility but also causing difficulties for the consumers as well.