QUETTA - Political parties in Balochistan have showed mixed reaction on dismissal of Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani led-coalition government and imposition of Article 234 of the Constitution in Balochistan.

Abdul Matin Akhundzada, Amir Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Balochistan chapter when contacted by TheNation said that Article 234 of the Constitution was imposed very late as JI was expecting an interim set in Balochistan on October 12 last. “Supreme Court on Oct 12, 2012 in its interim order had clarified that Raisani government had failed to provide security to the people,” he said, adding, that Prime Minister after lapse of two months ultimately realised to apply Article 234 and impose Governor’s Rule in the province.

“The spate of lawlessness continued unabatedly in the province specially the blasts of Jan 10th, shocked the people,” he remarked. “Governor Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi was well aware of the situation thus now he should play his role in providing security to the people. Now this is a challenge for him,” he added. Former Speaker Balochistan Assembly, Muhammad Aslam Bhootani termed Governor’s Rule day of “salvation” for the people of Balochistan. “We don’t want discontinuation of democratic system but imposition of Governor’s rule is also part of the Constitution as Raisani government had miserably failed to provide security to the masses,” he added.

Acting President Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal), Dr. Jahanzaib Jamaldini said they were against any military takeover or imposition of Governor’s Rule in Balochistan.

“Dismissing provincial government was a good decision but the procedure of its removal was wrong,” he remarked, adding, it was the government of dacoits, corrupt and ineligible people. “We neither support nor defend this but the all affairs should have tackled through democratic way,” BNP leader added. He said that deployment of Army or Frontier Corps would further deteriorate the situation.

Pakhunkhuwa Milli Awami Party Provincial President Usman Kakar said that the reaction upon dismissal of provincial government was evident from the cheering faces of people. “There was no other option but to impose Article 234 in the province to get rid of corrupt rulers,” he remarked. National Party (NP) Senior Vice President Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo said that intelligence network in the province had failed since the elements involved in the target killing of people could not be brought to justice despite lapse of four-and half-years.

“Raisani’s led government should have dismissed two years ago and fresh elections should have conducted because it was not delivering to the people,” NP leader said that Army would also fail like Frontier Corps if intelligence system was not made useful. He said that NP from very first day had declared that some one was backing those elements that were playing with the lives of people thus nobody had been arrested so far.

Meanwhile,the parties which were part of Balochistan’s coalition government have started consultations to challenge imposition of Governor’s rule in the province, sources close to political parties told TheNation on Monday.

Balochistan coalition government comprised PML-Q, PPP, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F), Awami National Party, PML-N, JUI-Ideological and independent members. Other than PML-Q’s few members and former Speaker, and two PPP members, all other members were against imposition of Governor’s rule in Balochistan.

Sources said that they had offered Prime Minister that if the situation of Balochistan could improve they were ready to sacrifice their government on condition Governor’s rule should not be imposed rather in house change should be  brought.

Sources said that the offer of coalition government was not given due importance owing to which they had taken this step as injustice with them and decided to challenge it in the court.

“Parties have started consultation with Constitutional and legal experts,” they added.