KARACHI - Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah has asked the Sindh Health Minister to visit Civil Hospital Karachi and other hospitals/dispensaries of the city, and ensure provision of medicines. He issued these directions while taking notice of a news item mentioning that thousands of patients are facing hardships due to non-availability of medicines in government hospitals.Qaim directed the health secretary to urgently send him report about what efforts of preventive and curative have so far been taken with regard to measles. Qaim termed the situation of non-control of measles disease causing huge number of causalities. He termed the situation very bad and has directed to take prompt and effective measures for control of epidemic disease.The chief minister directed the Sindh irrigation secretary to meet the growers and send report of their demands and solution. He while taking notice of a news item highlighting the demands of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture termed the situation quite serious. Referring to the demands of Chamber that though the annual closure of canals and barrages has begun on December 25 but not a single penny had been spent on desilting of the canals in the province, the chief minister had asked, “What happened?.”Meanwhile, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah has taken serious notice of a news item appeared in a section of press regarding occupation of a primary school by an influential person near Piryaloe in village Muhammad Ali Shah, has turned the same into a house where buffaloes have been kept.Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah directed the Commissioner Sukkur and DIG Police Sukkur to get the school building vacated, if the news items are correct.EXPERTS FOR IMPROVING VACCINE COVERAGE OF MEASLES: There is an urgency to improve routine vaccination coverage of children in the country so as to avert unfortunate incidents as measles outbreak in parts of the country causing unwarranted deaths of children, said experts here on Monday.Dr Anita Zaidi, Dr Syed Asad Ali and Dr Farheen Ali, in a session, organised by Aga University Khan Hospital, to discuss recent outbreak of measles identified it as the most highly contagious viral illness with attack rate of almost 100 per cent in susceptible population.Dr Anita Zaidi, chair, pediatrics department, Aga Khan University Hospital, sharing her presentation with the journalists said,” Measles caused by a virus - Rubeola, can strike anybody who is not immune.”The child specialist said most cases of this vaccine preventable viral infection was registered in children as adults have usually acquired immunity through disease earlier or were vaccinated.With specific reference to recent outbreak of measles in children, she recalled a study conducted in Karachi, where large majority of the parents were found to be ignorant that each child essentially required two doses of anti measles vaccines.“In the given scenario what to talk of remote areas,” commented the pediatrician. She said that due to poor coverage rate the case fatality rate can be as high as 5 per cent (1 in 20) and the most vulnerable are the malnourished children.“Pneumonia, diarrhea, and encephalitis are the most common complications that lead to death,” said Dr Anita Zaidi.To a question, she said outbreaks occur when there was a cohort of susceptible children that are exposed to measles. “These susceptible children are unvaccinated,” she said.