ISLAMABAD – Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA) has strongly condemned the inhuman act of killings of the Hazara community in Quetta.

The statement issued by the association said murder of innocent people ruthlessly is question mark for civilized human society.

Hazara Community in Balochistan has been playing key role in progress and prosperity of Pakistan, and particularly in the Balochistan province. This is extremely peaceful, highly educated and business oriented segment of the society.

They always contributed effectively in the economy and the people from this community have been performing valuable services in government departments and in Pak army. This speaks of their high patriotism level and nationalism. Terrorists’ attach on this community time and again in the last many years which is condemned. All such inhuman acts and massacres need to be checked effectively bringing into action all possible resources of the state. The teaching community in the F.G colleges Islamabad shows complete solidarity with the aggrieved families of Hazara Community and ensure their support for them.

The General secretary, FGCTA, Professor Deedar Ali Baloch expressed his condolences, he said such incidents are inhuman and regrettable and the society must come out and express itself against such brutal acts of violence.

“These happenings of brutality are not tolerable to any civilized society,” he remarked. Conveying sympathies with the bereaved families, the President, FGCTA has expressed his heartfelt condolences to aggrieved families.