President Obama has observed that the Afghan war will end following the American troops withdrawal. The many factors that instigate militancy, which has so far turned the country into a pile of rubble, need to be removed with political steps and adequate funding from international donors to restore lasting peace. Interestingly enough, President Obama also made the assertion that Al-Qaeda was no longer strong enough to launch an attack on the US. Did Al-Qaeda have any power to do that after 9/11? Rather than such remarks, what is needed now is to avert the mistake the US made in the aftermath of the Soviet-Afghan war when the country was left to fend for itself. The current mess is largely the offshoot of the neglect dating back to that era.

It is essential that funding of the Afghan national army continues as well as rebuilding the infrastructure and the decrepit education sector is revived to avoid the chances of the country’s falling prey to chaos again.