Charlie Hebdo–conspiracy theories and our denials

2015-01-15T10:35:58+05:00 Akif Khan

All the conspiracy theorists had been sitting idle for some time. After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, they found another exciting opportunity to make new conspiracy theories using their fringe science and photoshop.

Moon landing or 9/11, this market of conspiracy theories is never going to end. When BBC reported the conspiracy theories being surfaced, the footage became an "evidence" for those guys and laymen started believing in these theories. "BBC can't be wrong," while BBC is wrong everywhere else where they don't like it to be correct.

BBC wasn't wrong but reporting the existence of theories doesn't give those theories credibility. However, here's a new blow. A German newspaper has become victim of an arson attack after it republished Charlie Hebdo's cartoons.

The thing to ponder is whether this is also a part of that greater conspiracy of French against Islam and now Germany is also the partner? Or we should use Occam's razor, considering the simplest and evident explanation that we want the world to run according to our standards. Our religious scholars need to come out and make people understand the need of the hour, instead of pushing us back to the same closet of self-righteousness and self-pity.

My concern is the safety and development of Muslims themselves. Unless we reconcile to the facts of the real world, we are going to face problems. Unless we stop the clergy from provoking us into violence while they themselves enjoy the power and authority by sitting in our community centres aka mosques.

We need to develop our understanding of liberal and democratic principles, such as freedom of expression (while of course enjoying it ourselves considering it our birth right.) We need to synchronise these principles with our religion by bringing reforms and promoting reformists. We need to come out of self-pity and self-victimisation and look at the world with an open mind. Unless we do all this, we can't synchronise with the momentum of the world and will continue to be stuck in the clutches of orthodoxy.

We are still unable to condemn Charlie Hebdo attacks unconditionally due to our religious bias but we are also hasty enough to dismiss the same religious bias behind violence.

We have all the right to show our disagreement but not with violence and its endorsement. Sadly, it's just the matter of resources and environment, otherwise most of us are no different than Kouachi brothers. Just at some lower levels of eeman– praising the attackers, or at the very least, considering the attacks good in our hearts.

Akif Khan is a physical scientist and teaches at a university. He is also a freelance writer/blogger and writes a blog named Random Incinerations. Follow him on Twitter

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