Wild boars and stray jackals are increasing in number in Wah Cantt at an alarming level. At night jackals can be seen walking the streets, while wild boars can be seen lying in garbage dumps as well. These wild animals are dangerous as there have been many cases reported of attacks by them. It has becoming difficult for the public to go out at night. The existence of piles of garbage and food dumps everywhere are major reasons in the increasing in of boars and jackals population as Cantonment Board is not picking up the garbage daily. Because of import of new trucks which the drivers find hard to function they have been lying in the premises of Cantonment board since their import. Cantonment Board Authorities should arrange training programs for their employees to operate these automatic garbage vehicles and they should also issue shooting permits to specific volunteer hunters for controlling the population of wild boars and jackals.


Wah Cantt, December 28.