Kerry brought with him a truckload of blankets intentionally infected to kill us. I hope our leaders had taken the necessary precautions. The last thing we need right now is to succumb to disease by falling into the multi-pronged traps of the US-led empire. Its lollipops of different flavors are all laced with poison.

The visiting US Secretary of State had the cheek to tell us that we should act against all terrorist groups without discrimination. Whether the ongoing operation against the terrorists does that or not is another debate but, before lecturing us on the topic, he would have done better to turn his attention to the US Congress for purging it of such devious distinctions.

The US has been playing the game of good and bad terrorists for decades now. The deceptive game of death and violence did not start in Syria where the two-faced ‘sole superpower’ is openly funding, arming and training ‘moderate’ terrorists, with Congress allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to nurture monsters in the name of promoting freedom and democracy.

The game did not start in Libya where the same brand of monsters was similarly raised and provided air-cover by the US and its allies to topple Gaddafi. In fact, we need not go far. Back in the 1980s, we assisted the evil empire in spawning the precursors of Taliban, the so-called Afghan mujahedin. They were feted and honored at the White House and hailed as valiant freedom fighters. That’s not all, of course.

One can trace the roots of almost every terrorist group killing in the name of Islam to imperial strategists and secret agencies, whether directly as in the examples mentioned above or indirectly through royal puppets in the Middle East. In non-Muslim countries, the ‘good’ terrorists of the empire wear other garbs but fulfill the same function of spreading militancy and lawlessness, as we have seen in numerous Latin American and African countries and, more recently, in Ukraine.

So give us a break, Kerry. Terrorism is a tool used by the US-led empire to project its odious interests, overthrow unwanted governments and target states it would like to weaken and destabilize. American governments have actually used the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq to establish factories of terrorists in the middle of Muslim countries, lording over the export of terrorism to neighboring states. This was not an unintended consequence of brutal imperial invasions but their very purpose.

Through monsters bred and manufactured in Iraq, the empire has ravaged most of the Middle East and North Africa. And Afghanistan has been used to export terrorism to Pakistan, Central Asian states and the Chinese province of Sinkiang. All the while, the US has been telling the world that it is actually fighting terrorism. Today, one has to be really naïve to believe this claim.

Interestingly, the facade of putting some groups on a list of terrorists to be annihilated and labeling others as ‘moderate’ deserving of material and moral support is just an eye-wash. As far as the empire is concerned, they are all good. The labels are misleading threads needed to weave the fabric of the imperial narrative, a fabric that is tattered today due to glaring contradictions and outing of secret wars of the empire by courageous whistleblowers and independent journalists.

The dark empire and its dark wizards like Kerry carry on chanting the same mantras without shame as if they don’t stand naked in full public view. They don’t bother to explain the fact that the latest baddies of ISIS were groomed in Iraq’s prison camps run by the occupation forces. They tell us to do more while breeding monsters under their watch in Afghanistan and watching the other way as they infiltrate our territory. Clearly, the US is not a friend but an enemy.

Isn’t it more than a bit alarming that thousands of containers carrying Nato-supplies went missing on their way from Karachi to Torkham and our friends and allies didn’t bother to even inform us about the matter? What is one to make of the fact that thousands of agents and security personnel were smuggled into Pakistan as diplomats and development workers? Who is behind the relentless campaign against the Pakistan military, our most effective bulwark for physically countering these monsters?

What Pakistan needs is a leader like Putin who calls a spade a spade. We should refuse the $250 million offered for the IDPs as it is a ruse for the US to get its leg into the military operation and meddle with it. We should not look at the US to mend fences with Afghanistan or India. It would only increase its meddlesome leverage in the region which it uses to broaden the conflict among neighbors rather than helping them resolve the thorny issues dividing them. The various forms of assistance should all be refused and the diplomatic footprint of the thoroughly exposed ‘sole superpower’ should be drastically reduced. After all, the embassies and consulates of the United States have been used more often than not as the nerve centers for its regime-change operations and for fuelling civil wars.

Unfortunately, most of our leaders seem to be thoroughly infected by imperial blankets. Warm handshakes, smiles and the same servile language were on display. However, one very important leader has proven to be satisfactorily resistant to imperial infections: General Raheel Sharif. The Chief of the Army Staff has a clear understanding of the national interest and he has been consistently promoting it since he took over. He is also clear about the ins and outs of terrorism in Pakistan and asked the visiting US Secretary of State to clamp down on the terrorist dens in Afghanistan.

General Raheel Sharif is the most popular leader in Pakistan today. And one doesn’t have to read the New York Times to come to that conclusion. After all, the surveys and opinion polls commissioned by the empire are ploys to appropriate the truth in order to corrupt it at a suitable time. The popularity of General Sharif is actually palpable on the streets of Pakistan where it really matters.

The writer is a freelance columnist. He can be contacted at