A bus, heading to Shikarpur, carrying 50 passengers had a severe accident. It collided with an oil tanker and burst into flames, killing 30 passengers. Unfortunately these buses do not have any safety gadgets, such as fire extinguishers nor do they have any awareness about what to do in such instances. Most drivers are illiterate and on drugs, with no regulatory authority in place, the transport mafia wants to make easy money with least investment. These drivers have fake or no driving licenses and have no traffic laws to follow.

Most of these buses  have no emergency exit or if they do its locked. The late arrival of fire brigade to any emergency site counts for more deaths than anything. I fail to understand why don’t we increase the number of these trucks and provide them everywhere? They had to come from Landhi area which is quite far from the site the closest one was Pakistan Steel Mill and they have the facility of fire-brigades but the management completely failed to cooperate to send the fire brigade swiftly to the site, despite being near the Link Road. Many lives could have been rescued if the fire department of PSM had sent their fire engines. Keeping in view, as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of fire department, it was the liability of PSM’s fire department to send the fire-brigade to the incident on account of being the nearest. Sindh government is requested to make an effort to ask all busses to carry fire-extinguisher to safeguard lives.


Karachi, January 11.