Islamabad - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is in a fix whether or not to take any action against the illegal constructions continuing unabated in the slums in wake of a restraining order by the Supreme Court in illegal katchi abadis case, The Nation has learnt reliably. According to the sources in the CDA, the authority’s staff has reported various new constructions in the city’s illegal settlements in recent weeks but the field staff is reluctant to take any forceful action due to the restraining orders by the Supreme Court, issued in a constitution petition.

“The CDA does not know what to do against the ongoing constructions in the illegal settlements in the presence of a restraining order by the apex court,” a senior official at the authority said when asked why the action against illegal slums and encroachments has gone slow.

The official told this correspondent that the enforcement directorate has recently written a letter to the DDG Law, CDA, so that it could, under the circumstances, suggest way forward and the new constructions could be stopped without committing any violation of the court’s order. According to the letter seen by The Nation, the enforcement directorate on January 5, 2016 asked the law wing that the implications of the said court order may be provided with in terms of all such new constructions in the said areas. “We are in need of categorical legal opinion/content as to what action can be taken against such new constructions and legal implications on account of the stay order,” the letter asked the law wing. It further said that the encroachers were abusing the orders of the court openly and continuing with multiple constructions.

The CDA high-ups are extra conscious after a recent FIR registered against the CDA officials by the FIA over their alleged involvement/support to the encroachers that resulted in mushroom growth of illegal slums in the capital city during the last many decades. According to the CDA officials, implication of CDA officials in the katchi abadis case has already affected morale of the enforcement officers and the staff at large.

It is to mention here that the FIA had booked over 40 CDA officials over their alleged connivance with the encroachers as the agency initiated a probe into the issue.

The case of illegal katchi abadis is pending with the apex court. The Supreme Court on Wednesday (January 13) again ordered that katchi abadis should be not disturbed, and asked the CDA to submit the photographs of those slums that were constructed on greenbelts, public parks and the places meant for other utilities. The court said after watching those pictures it would pass an appropriate order.