“I wasn’t pro-anybody, but I really did like the Muslims. I had so many friends. Don’t forget the history of India is basically one of conquest. When the Moghuls came along they in fact, conquered India and ran India and people like the Nizam were the viceroys of the Moghuls in the south. The Hindus were completely militarily beaten and treated as an occupied people by the occupying power. But they were good brains, much better brains than the Muslims. I’m generalizing; Hindus were good shopkeepers, good business people, good clerks, good civil servants, and were employed by the British and they fitted in very well.”

–Lord Mountbatten, Mountbatten and the Partition of India, Volume 1:

March 22-August 15, 1947, Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, 1982.

Lord Mountbatten in various sources mentions that the British were naturally more easily friends with Muslims because they had much in common and didn’t have any sort of inhibitions. The Hindus didn’t get on so well with the British. According to him, no Muslim ever took part in any plotting against the British. They wanted the British to remain as it secured their position. The Hindus wanted them to go because they just thought it was wrong that the British should be ruling India. This makes it all the more clear as to how blind the British were to the sufferings of Muslims in the subcontinent and the struggles we went through to call this land ours, as well strange judgments and generalisations they made about the population they were ruling.