LAHORE - PML-Q leader Ch Parvez Elahi is happy that CM Shahbaz Sharif finally acknowledges after eight years that construction of Lahore Ring Road was a project started in previous regime.

Yet a critic, the former chief minister says no extension was carried out in the Lahore Ring Road up to where it was constructed during his tenure because lands of Sharif brothers were hit by expansion of the project. Talking to journalists yesterday, the PML-Q leader criticised the Orange Line Metro Train project and alleged that the government was grabbing the public property in the name of development. “People are being deprived of their houses, shops and employment but no one is listening to their hue and cry.

“In last government, several projects were carried out but not a single person was affected,” he further claimed.

He also denied the allegations made by CM Shahbaz about awarding of Lahore Ring Road contract to former COAS Kayani's brother, Kamran Kayani, by PML-Q government.

“Why did Shahbaz Sharif remain silent and not raise his voice against Gen Kayani for eight long years,” Elahi questioned.