ISLAMABAD: PPP central leader senator Rehman Malik has said RAW has succeeded in its designs and Modi government has suffered defeat in Pathankot attack case as the people from India rather than Jaish Muhammad are behind this attack.

“Jaish Muhammad is not involved in attack on Pathankot air base and these attacks have been carried out by people from India. Indian intelligence agency RAW does not want that relations are improved between Pakistan and India. Whenever Modi government has tired to hold talks then RAW has thwarted such moves”, he said this while talking to media men here outside the parliament Friday.

It was the efforts from both Nawaz Sharif and Modi that talks should take place but these could not be held due to conspiracies from RAW, he added.

He held that Samjhota Express attack case should be registered. I will move international court of justice on this count. The culprits behind this attack have not been nabbed so far, he underlined.

RAW is hatching conspiracies in the matter of dialogue between Pakistan and India because it thinks that if India and Pakistan sit together then Kashmir issue will come under discussion too. Whenever endeavours are made to hold talks then RAW frustrates them, he remarked.

He urged government to allay the reservations being expressed on China-Pakistan Economic.