ISLAMABAD: The Senate yesterday approved the draft rules of the first ever Senate Committee on Ethics and draft Code of Conduct of the lawmakers amid opposition of some treasury members.

The house approved the draft rules of the Committee on Ethics while JUI-F, National Party Balochistan and a PML-N lawmaker opposed the approval of the committee and the code of the conduct saying all this would be used for the political victimization of the legislators.

After making amendments in the draft rules, the Senate Committee on Ethics would be formed for the first time in parliamentary history of the country, as it was a demand of lawmakers of a number of political parties of the Upper House.

The house also approved that Chairman Senate would have a 'final say' if the committee would report to it that certain member had breached the code of conduct.

The committee shall scrutinize and report to the Senate whether any member has breached the code of conduct wile violating the standards and principles of conduct expected from all member while performing their duties and functions.

Under the draft rules, any citizen can make a complaint to the committee regarding alleged breach of conduct by the member or the senators can also refer complaint to it against any member. The chairman Senate can also refer such complaints to the committee.

The draft Code of Conduct says that members have a duty to perform their functions honestly, to the best of their ability and faithfully in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan, their oath as well as the rules of the Senate and always in the interest of the integrity, sovereignty, solidarity, well being and prosperity of Pakistan. Members shall act, on all occasions, in accordance with the public interest.

At least two lawmakers of JUI-F fully opposed the proposed ethics committee. Senator Attaur Rehman of JUI-F said, "If the committee was approved, this would be used against the lawmakers politically."

He said that they could not replicate this example of strong democracies, as there was no implementation of laws in Pakistan. His party colleague Hafiz Hamdullah said that the ethics committee would humiliate politicians.

Senator Hasil Bazenjo also opposed the proposal and said that fake applications would start pouring in this committee against senators.

On this, the chair remarked that the formation of committee was not his proposal but it was a decision of the House Business Advisory Committee following demand of different parliamentary parties.

Senator Modhsin Legari proposed that it should also be included in the code of conduct that members should not accept foreign tours funded by NGOs. However, Chairman Senate and Farhatullah Babar opposed the proposal saying lawmakers had to attend the function funded by some local organizations.

PPP lawmaker Farhatullah Babar taking part in the debate said that the code of conduct should define the conflict of interest. Babar also opposed the proposal that the chairman Senate could forgive the member if the committee says that a member has breached the code of conduct.

Meanwhile, the chairman allowed discussion over US President Barak Obama's address to the State of the Union wherein he mentioned the name of Pakistan in the context of terrorism/extremism and said that instability would continue for decades in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Rabbani gave a ruling to justify the permission and asked Foreign Ministry to respond during discussion on Monday.

Mushahid Hussain Syed had moved the adjournment motion saying the speech run against Pakistan government's claims for success of operation Zarb-e-Azb.