rawalpindi - Two girls were allegedly raped by two men at gunpoint in a room of a private hotel in Murree. Police registered a case against the accused on the complaint of the victim girls and started investigation.

According to details, three men and three girls hired a single room at Red Himalian Hotel owned by a local journalist. The hotel manager/owner did not bother to pass information about the guests to local police. According to National Action Plan and The Punjab Information of Temporary Residence Act 2015, it is made mandatory for all hotels, guesthouses and motels to inform local police about the particulars of guests in order to curb the menace of terrorism. But in this case no such move was made by the hotel owner.

According to Sub-Inspector Mumtaz Ahmed, who is investigation officer of the case, a girl namely Bisma Shabbir of Gulzar-e-Quaid lodged a complaint with police that she along with two of her other friends Rabia and Munazza were taken to Murree by three men Dr Wasim, Shehzad and Dilawar on January 10, 2016 in two cars from Rawalpindi. She added that she and Rabia were raped by Dr Wasim and Dilawar respectively at gunpoint. Police taking action on the complaint registered a case against the accused and started investigation, the SI said.

On a query, he said that it seems the accused are the boyfriends of the girls and they came in hotel with mutual understanding. However, action would be taken against the accused, he added. “The girls have disappeared now and are not cooperating with police despite phone calls,” he said. The police officer avoided replying when this correspondent asked whether or not police would take action against hotel owner over violating the laws. 

udheer Abbasi, the hotel owner, when contacted by this correspondent to know his point of view, said that he gave a four-bed single room to 6 men and girls on rent after noting down their names and addresses in the register. He disconnected his phone when asked about passing the particulars of the guests to local police station as per laws.

SSP (Operations) Karamat Ullah Malik, while chatting with The Nation, said that police are investigating the matter and action would be taken against the hotel owner for violating the law.