LAHORE - All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) President Ibrahim Qureshi has urged the government to ensure that all provinces benefit equitably from CPEC project.

He said the CPEC project is a transnational project which promises faster growth and infrastructural development of the whole region. He said CPEC will effectively serve the long-term economic interests of both the countries. “As the APBF is a vibrant business association which promotes and protects the interests of the business community and industries in Pakistan, the association is pleased to see the big opportunities promised by CPEC, therefore it would urge the government to ensure that all provinces benefit equitably from this revolutionary project,” he added.

With an investment of well over $50 billion promised by China for CPEC, Pakistan must take full advantage of this venture by creating an efficient and transparent environment for utilising and absorbing such a large volume of investments, to revolutionise the trading, transportation and industrial infrastructure. The CPEC also promises large-scale developments in the energy sector, as more than $34 billion will be spent on energy projects, to add over 16,500MW in the national grid, over the next decade.

The APBF President said, "We appreciate China’s robust investment plans and Trans-national initiative for boosting cross-border trade activities. With such huge foreign investment coming in the country, it is essential that all provinces get equitable benefits, opportunities and budgets for strengthening their infrastructure and trade activities.

 It inspires new possibilities to set up industrial sites and energy projects in all the provinces of Pakistan, along this new road and rail network, especially in the economically deprived areas”.

The success of this initiative relies on stronger collaboration and cooperation among business communities of all provinces and across the borders, he added.