islamabad - The Ambassador of the Netherlands here Jeannettee Seppen has said that opening up of dialogue about the critical socio-economic issues is vital to further unlock Pakistan’s potential and addressing the challenges facing the people.

Jeannetteewas speaking at the  launch of  an open house art show here on Saturday.

The event mainly featuring artworks by the Pakistani artists was aimed at encouraging the artists and to show the softer face of the society facing terrorism and extremism.

The Netherlands focuses in Pakistan on issues such as women’s rights and their economic empowerment, sustainable trade and investment.

The show is unique in a way that all the artworks on display have a relation to daily life and challenges in Pakistan.

 . Through this exhibition the Netherlands wished to contribute to an open dialogue between all segments of society to come up with tenable solutions to these problems.

Speaking on the occasion the Dutch Ambassador said that the residence would serve to celebrate the longstanding friendship between both countries. “ It will be a space where everyone feels ‘at hoome’ a space where all will feel comfortable nd safe to shar thorughs on topics that need to be discussed,” she added.

Underlining the importance of the art, the ambassador was of the view that a dialogue between artists and viewers, as well as among the viewers about the art highlighting the critical socio-economic issues, is essential to further unlock Paksitan’s potentional for addressing these challenges.

 She commended the artists for the beautiful and creative work and hoped it would encourage other young artists to create awareness among people about these issues.