Lahore-One of Pakistan’s leading entrepreneurs and two-time Gourmand Award winning independent publisher, KiranAman proudly introduces Markings KHUDI, a motivational, inspirational and developmental publishing platform, with the launch its first Urdu title, ChotiChotiKhushiyan as penned and conceived by RuqayyaDiwanAdamjee.

 Indeed with this platform, Aman will publish books in Urdu and Roman Urdu to help facilitate those who love the language, bridging the gap between those who understand the language but cannot read it.

‘ChotiChotiKhushiyan’ offers a glimpse into the little moments of joy that people in Pakistan treasure such as “garimein fit aana”, “aik bite meinpanipuri”, “mobile meinmuftka balance”, “cinema hall meinqaumitarana” and “baarishmeinpakoray” to name a few. With this launch, Markings KHUDIendeavours to use it as a medium to shed light on the warmth and positivity that envelope our nation. Born and bred in Karachi, RuqayyaDiwanAdamjee is a graduate in Economics from Duke University and is a self-taught illustrator with ChotiChotiKhushiyan being her first published work. With nine independent titles and over twenty one corporate titles under Markings Publishing, Markings KHUDI looks to be beneficial not only for the generations to come but also for people who want to read Urdu, appealing to a wider audience. “I hope my book reminds people to cherish the small happy moments instead of waiting for larger significant events. Although Pakistan is a linguistically diverse country, I chose Urdu because I feel it captures the essence of these ChotiChotiKhushiyan in the most universally identifiable way for Pakistanis.” said RuqayyaDiwanAdamjee on the launch of her first title.

Speaking about the publishing house’ first title under Markings KHUDI, CEO Markings KiranAman has said; “At Markings, we have always prided ourselves on working on that which is bold, unique and original. We believe the launch of #MarkingsKHUDI to be manifest of this ethos and an exciting new step towards the expansion of our publishing into a more widely accessible realm. We are delighted to share our first Illustrated Urdu book #ChotiChotiKhushiyan! fun and relatable look into the small things that make life pleasurable. Markings KHUDI will reflect an eclectic assortment of interests in its publishing focus: self-improvement, mind-body-spirit, inspiration, health & healing, development, spirituality and lifestyle. And most importantly, each title will be published in Urdu and Roman Urdu.”