LAHORE - The Lahore Bar Association’s annual polls for year 2017-18 was postponed yesterday due to some technical fault in the biometric system taken for the first time for election day.

As the polling started at 9:00 am in the morning, it appeared that the biometric system was not working due to which the election was postponed. The non-functioning of the system subsequently caused panic among the lawyers. Later, Election Board Chairman Waqar Hassan Mir decided to reschedule election when the candidates and their supporters called for election boycott. The board summoned meeting for January 16 to fix the next date of election.

Fifteen candidates, including one woman lawyer, were in the race for six slots of the bar. Asma Jahangir’s Independent group had fielded Malik Arshad while Hamid Khan’s Professional group had nominated Chaudhary Tanvir for the slot of president. Around 17,900 eligible voters would exercise their power to vote to elect their new leadership of the bar for year 2017-18.