LAHORE - With all eyes on Panama leaks case verdict, PML-Q leader Senator Kamil Ali Agha believes it will determine the future of the country.

According to him, it will be too early to predict political alliances or possibilities of cooperation among the opposition parties for next general elections.

Talking to The Nation yesterday, he said the central battlefield for election campaign would be Punjab where he claimed his party would be a major shareholder. To strengthen his stance, he said more than 42 PML-Q candidates were runners up in the 2013 elections in the Punjab Assembly constituencies. “We have electable candidates everywhere in the province and we proved it in local government polls,” he said. His answer was in the negative when asked if Mushahid Hussain’s departing with PML-Q would affect its political power.

“Senator Mushahid was our secretary general, but now he is no more part of the party and his departure has nothing to do with the PM-Q vote bank,” Kamil claimed.

Major parties of the country are prepared to launch electioneering next month as political pundits predict the general elections will be held by end of 2017 or start of 2018. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, as the head of the ruling PML-N, is visiting different cities and inaugurating uplift projects; PTI has already started its protest rallies and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PPP-P President Asif Ali Zardari are likely to start visiting the Punjab cities from next month.

Since the Punjab would be a hub of the main political activities, Senator Agha said: “The opposition parties are expected to sit together in near future and evolve a strategy to take over the citadel of the ruling PML-N, which Sharifs made through rigging in the general elections 2013.”

He said the main reason behind the formation of future alliances was the thinking among leaders of the opposition parties to tackle PML-N in the biggest province.

He said winning polls in the Punjab would not be a smooth sailing for the ruling PML-N in the next elections. Predicting strong possibility of cooperation between PTI and PML-Q in future politics, he said the leadership of both the parties was already in contact and held joint protest in the past. 

“The rule of the Sharifs will end forever if opposition parties succeed in controlling the rigging of PML-N in next elections,” he held. Agha said Ch Pervaiz Elahi was starting to visit all divisions of the Punjab in connection with mass-contact movement next month. He ruled out possibilities of any political cooperation with PML-N in future.