BAHAWALPUR-Two brothers were suffocated to death while digging a gutter here in Chak 113/DNB Yazman on Saturday.

According to police and rescuers, Nadeem Pehlwan, resident of Chak 113/DNB, Yazman, hired two brothers - Muhammad Ameer Bakhsh and Kala, resident of 117/DNB for digging a gutter in his house. Both labourers were digging the gutter when toxic gas and sewage from the adjoining gutter got into it.

As a result they both fainted. They were pulled out of the gutter but 28-year-old Kala died on spot while Ameer Bakhsh, 26, who was rushed to THQ Hospital Ahmadpur East he could not survive.

The police have launched investigation into the incident. However, it is yet ascertained as to how the incident occurrd.