HAFIZABAD-Punctuality is a pre-requisite for efficiency and good governance but here in Hafizabad majority of the officers reach their offices too late, thus flouting the directive of the government with impunity.

The government has issued instructions to all the officers to be punctual in their duties but most of them ignore the directive. Even the Deputy Commissioner and other higher officers reach their offices in the District Complex not before 11am most of the time which create multiple problems, hardships and inconvenience to the visitors who reach the District Complex before 9am after undergoing cumbersome journey of 30 to 60 kilometres in the prevalent cold weather.

Sometime past the provincial government had introduced biometric attendance system in some offices and hospital due to which the functioning of these institutions was improved to great extent.

The delayed arrival of officers at their offices has become daily routine of higher officers including the Deputy Commissioner, which is uncalled for.

The general public of the district has called upon the Chief Minister to introduce biometric attendance system in the District Complex also to ensure timely arrival of the officers in their offices to redress the grievances of the visitors.