People of Pakistan are losing faith in both elected civil governments and supra constitutional dictators because of their neglect of legitimate needs and rights of citizens of Pakistan who continue to cherish hope that one day Jinnah’s democratic welfare state will finally emerge.

Almost 30 years ago CDA held computerized ballot for allotment of plots to general public in 1989 and issued Allotment Letters to successful applicants of E12/4 sector on 14 October 1990 issued by Mr Qainat Ali Director CDA. Applicants who were 40 years old are now nearing 70 years and numerous have died. Perhaps this is what CDA is waiting for. No doubt citizens look up to Supreme Court for justice, because the government and paid bureaucracy have failed to perform their constitutional obligation of serving people. One wonders maybe this is undeclared policy of ruling elite.

It seems that all statutory housing societies (CDA, LDA, KDA etc) have been created to cater to insatiable greed of paid servants of the state. Do common citizens have any rights and are there only to pay taxes? In the interim period since 1989 we have had a military regime and numerous civil political governments holding power and CDA has initiated several schemes for allotment to the elite, completed them and handed over possession, but none has bothered to order them to fulfill their obligations to those declared successful in E12/4 sector balloting. Whether it is political appointees, or corrupt bureaucrats, they all have one thing in common- no priority for common law abiding citizens.


Lahore, December 7.