KUALA LUMPUR-The second giant panda born in Malaysia celebrated her first birthday at the Malaysian national zoo on Monday.

Members of the public cheered as zookeepers attempted to feed cake to the one-year-old giant panda, but she coyly refused and insisted on bamboo instead.

The female giant panda is with her mother, Liang Liang, at the giant panda conservation center in the zoo. Mat Naim Ramli, director of the giant panda conservation center, said the second cub weighing at 34 kg was slightly lighter than her older sister Nuan Nuan who weighed 37 kg when she was the same age.

"Generally she is in good health and behaves very well; no problem at all so far. Still depending on milk, she eats a little bit of mother's food like fruits and bamboo leaves," he said.

Mat Naim said the second cub spends most of her time with her mother and is less active than her sibling, Nuan Nuan.

The baby giant panda, born in January last year, is the second offspring of her parents Xing Xing and Liang Liang who arrived in Malaysia in 2014. Their first-born, Nuan Nuan, returned to China in November last year after turning two years old.