PESHAWAR - Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan has broken her silence on the allegations against her in a confident statement and termed them “untrue and groundless speculations” in the ongoing inquiry into her property in New Jersey.

Reportedly, she asserted that the property was bought ‘legally’ through her husband’s assets with an investment of Rs14.05 crore, and it was built solely for business purpose after taking loan from a bank.

She further stated that an international firm has been performing audit of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Lahore, and the hospital was not used for her family’s financial growth.

“My husband has been doing textile business for the last 20 years,” she said, adding that the profit generated by the business was invested in the form of property in New Jersey.

She denounced accusations that her foreign assets were acquired through the hospital’s charity fund. “The hospital was built after my mother’s name. Our annual export orders stand at nearly Rs2 billion, which also contribute to the country’s economy,” she said.

Regarding her property in Dubai, she said it was bought through an investment of over Rs3 crore, and the money was transferred by a ‘legal’ banking channel.

“There is no link between my assets and charity works,” she said.

According to sources, the prime minister’s sister has paid Rs72 lakhs to the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) over her property in Dubai. The FBR had imposed a sum of Rs2.94 crore as fine and tax on Aleema Khan.

The remaining amount is expected to be settled within next seven days. Sources further said that the fine has been imposed on her for concealing assets in Dubai and property rents, while initially she could not give satisfactory response to the FBR.