ISLAMABAD - Ahmad Nawaz, who survived the attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar in 2014, has become the third Pakistani to be awarded a ‘Point of Light.’ He was recognised for his work as an anti-radicalisation youth activist. Nawaz has addressed thousands of students at various schools in the UK and at events organised by the United Nations, encouraging communities to unite and fight extremism together, said a British High Commission statement issue here.

British PM Theresa May commended his work in a letter: “The work that you do to educate young people about extremism and radicalisation is invaluable – and the fact that it comes from your own experience is testament to your incredible personal strength and resolve. Your recent appointment to the National Counter Extremism Advisory board demonstrates the positive impact of your work. You should feel tremendously proud and I wish you the very best with your continued endeavours.”

Ahmad Nawaz said: “I am deeply honoured to be recognised as a ‘Point of Light’ by the Prime Minister. It has propelled me to do more of the positive work that I do for the society. I would like to encourage other young people to do the same in order to have a society free of extremism and violence.” Ahmad Nawaz is working with the Home Office and has recently been appointed a member of National Counter Extremism Advisory board. He is also a winner of the No2H8 Crime Young Upstander Award for his courage and conviction.